Server Ricoh Pro C5100/5110S

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Chuyên dùng cho dòng máy Ricoh Pro C5100/5110S.
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– Windows
– Mac OS X
– Windows Server
– Firmware / Other OS

Fiery Color Controller E-42B

server Fiery_E42B

  • The Fiery E-42B optional Fiery Color Controller, which supports the Graphic Arts Package can also be combined with the standard Print/Scan controller for standard scan features and Fiery print.
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 50/60Hz, 15A

1. Fiery E-42B includes Graphic Arts Package Basic, Spot-On, Hot Folders, Auto Trap and is FACI enabled.

2. This option cannot be installed with Fiery E-22B, Spot On Type FS-100, Hot Folders Type FS-100, Auto Trap Type FS-100 and FACI Furniture – E-41/E42.